An Award Winning EnergyStar Home Builder

Brighton Homes Idaho, a Registered Master Builder, was organized in 1994 to add a construction team to our land development division. The desire for the type of company that Brighton Homes would become was reflected in the corporate motto “skillfully designed and masterfully crafted.” 

The stock market crash of 2008 dealt a crippling blow to the housing industry nationally and in our local market. Like other builders, Brighton Homes was faced with a need to reinvent itself as it prepared to navigate a very uncertain future for residential construction. Brighton Homes sought a clear mission that would provide guidance through the challenges that were certainly to come. It was decided that 100% participation in the EnergyStar program would be best way to convey to buyers, trade partners and competitors that Brighton Homes was going to focus more than ever on building the best quality homes possible.

These building blocks form the foundation of Brighton Home’s reputation as one of the most trusted Boise homebuilders. Our building team is a professional group dedicated to building homes of lasting value. They have been EnergyStar certified since 2009, hold back to back national EPA awards, and have won several local, state, regional and national awards along the way.

  • National EPA / 2015 Energy Star Partner of the Year
  • National EPA / 2014 Energy Star Partner of the Year
  • Regional EPA / 2012 Energy Star Partner of the Year
  • State EPA / 2010 and 2011 Builder of the Year
  • Countless Parade of Homes Awards

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